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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Colour Blocking... Why Not!

Hello Foxy Bloggettes,

So the question is " Why not Colour Block?" it's everywhere this 2012 Season/Year. I was recently at the mall and thought maybe I was in the 80's with all the fabulous Colours in Fashion, from the Earrings to Shoes! if you haven't been to the Mall lately go grab a Starbucks start to wonder around because I am sure you Definitely will get Inspired for some Fun Colour Blocking Schemes! It's certainly the time to Show Intensity, Power and Expression of ones self. Colour Blocking is everywhere with these Bold Colours and Patterns, Big Stripes, Chevrons, Florals etc. Not only do we see this in fashion but in Home Decor as well, just open one of your favourite Home Style Mags flip through and you will see examples from the Art work, Furniture to Wall Colour. It makes such a statement in any room, again expressing ones personality. So...Why Not Colour Block, Express your Personalities through a fun Creative way on your Special Day!
Colour Blocking with Florals makes such a beautiful impact. This Picture is an example of Hot Pink Roses and a hint of light Pink. To bring this further in your wedding decor why not do some simple vases maybe a cluster of 3 on each table, featuring in 2 all hot pink and 1 vase of light pink, maybe surround with hot pink petals, votive candles and you have yourself a fabulous focal point for your guests.
I hope you are inspired to implement some Fun, Stylish Colour in your day! 

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